Concept Dual Roller Blinds

An Intriguingly Different Kind of Window Covering

One of the newest types of window coverings on the market today are the new dual roller type of roller blinds. Combining a top and bottom roller and a continuous loop of fabric, the Shade-O-Matic Concept Dual Roller shade provides a interesting new look to interior decor.  The Concept Dual Roller blind features a fabric that alternates between  sheer voile and a privacy fabric, allowing you to choose just the right amount of light coming into your room.Concept Dual Roller Shade 1

Key Features of Shade-O-Matic Dual Roller Shades

  • The shade has one continuous fabric that alternates between a sheer voile and a privacy fabric, giving you total control over your view and privacy.
  • Tilt the blind and you get warmly diffused light throughout the room. Tilt the blind again and you get privacy without total darkness.
  • Fabric wrapped headrail is a standard feature.
  • Innovative bottomrail that allows the fabric to slide through as you select the exact amount of light that comes in.
  • Headrail features are built-in valance. The shade disappears when fully raised.
  • Integrated installation bracket and end cap design minimizes side gaps.
  • Automation is available.

Come on in to Town & Country Decorating Centre to see how the Concept Dual Rollers work, and to check out fabric samples of all designs available.

Concept Dual Roller Shade

Concept Dual Roller Shade