Hardwood Flooring at it’s best – Preverco!

Preverco Walnut Variation 3 1/4" wide

Preverco Walnut Variation 3 1/4″ wide

Great looking Hardwood Flooring starts at Town & Country Decorating Centre. Preverco  is a premium Canadian manufactured hardwood flooring that combines beautiful natural looks with home enhancing value.

Preverco Hickory Variation With Knots 5 3/16" wide

Preverco Hickory Variation With Knots 5 3/16″ wide

A new simplified grading system lets you pick the look that you want, without the hassle of trying to decipher grades like “#1 common”, “Manor Plus” and “Cabin Grade”. Just choose the kind of wood you like and then decide if you would like a floor with “Variation”, “Variation with Knots” or a floor with more “Nuance”, blending together to create a subtle effect. Let our trained staff then help you with a stain & finish choice and voila, your floor is chosen.

Preverco Cabreuva Nuance 3 1/4" width

Preverco Cabreuva Nuance 3 1/4″ width

Preverco Hardwood Flooring has the widest range of wood species to choose from, including Red & White Oak, Hard Maple, Yellow Birch, Ash, Walnut and Hickory. It also has a great selection of Exotic Hardwood species with Jatoba, Cabreuva, Sapele and Tigerwood offering beautiful looks with a denser, harder wood than North American varieties.

Preverco White Oak Nuance Broadway Brushed  5 3/16" width

Preverco White Oak Nuance with Broadway stain and a Brushed Finish – 5 3/16″ width

Preverco Ash Nuance Komodo Brushed 4 1/4" width

Preverco Ash Nuance with Komodo stain & a brushed finish – 4 1/4″ width

Once you have chosen your floor, let our team of talented installers make your home beautiful!
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